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America 1st Productions
Coming Soon


A documentary series that will be released over 2022 and 2023 by The Patriot Review and America 1st Productions! Currently, there are six topic-specific episodes slated.

Enjoy our shows and documentaries by clicking the link of the show or documentary you would like to view from our menu.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Previews are hosted on this site.  Selecting full episodes or documentaries will open a new window.  Our videos are hosted on Rumble.

Featured Shows

Great America First Conservative shows from American Patriot's who fight on the front lines of the battle to save America!


Freedom Waning: The War Has Already Begun

The God-given freedoms our Constitution guarantees have been steadily eroded and attacked for decades.  This documentary looks at our current situation through the lens of Ronald Reagan's famous "A Time for Choosing" speech.

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