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Shawn McBreairty

Shawn McBeairty is the Director of Special Projects with the Maine First Project, a non-profit organization offering grassroots training in multiple areas.

Shawn is exposing the hyper-sexualization of minors (AKA grooming in the classroom) as well as the dangers of Critical Race Theory (CRT), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Comp. Sex Education (CSE) AND the lgbTQia+ Trans-Queer Gender Ideology Curriculum & Studies/Programs.

Shawn's the creator & host of "Maine Source Of Truth" Podcast which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio and other podcast locations. Maine Source Of Truth is a 30-60 minute, hard hitting, no holds barred, informative exposure of what is really going on within the public/government run schools.

Shawn McBreairty
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